Biodynamic Massage

Biodynamic Massage

“Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth”

– Margaret Atwood –

Biodynamic Massage Treatment

After taking a full consultation, including heath and lifestyle history. I invite the client to lie on a massage plinth. the client can undress to their underwear, however it is not essential, light clothing can be worn, if that feels more comfortable.

Biodynamic massage utilises various massage techniques to support and invite the free flow of energy in your body, thus releasing blockages.

A sheet and or blanket covers the client throughout the treatment, with only the areas being massaged, exposed. There are a series of massage techniques I can utilise depending on what is needed on that day, which can be adapted throughout the treatment.

Intention held by the therapist throughout the treatment is essential. With each massage technique having its own set of movements and intentions.

I offer aftercare advice following the treatment. As your body will respond in a way that is individual to you, I encourage self-care, setting aside time to allow your body to rest and restore balance, is advised.

What is Biodynamic Massage?

Biodynamic massage is a body-centered treatment, used as a stand alone or in conjunction with biodynamic psychotherapy. I offer biodynamic massage as a stand alone treatment. At the core of the therapy is the intention to restore the free flow of your unique life force, inviting you to more fully realise your true self. Creating a greater awareness and connection to yourself and your true nature through touch.

The therapy was developed by Gerda Boeysen, a Norwegian psychologist and physiotherapist in the 1950’s. Her theories were original however her work was influenced by Wilhelm Reich, a student of Freud.

As a practice there are similarities to other forms of massage, in so far as touch is used to massage the body. However biodynamic massage uses no oil on the body, resulting in a skin-to-skin contact, between client and therapist. Unique to biodynamic massage can be the use of a stethoscope, which is placed to the left of the abdomen, just over the gut. The gut is responsible for digesting and assimilating certain foods however it also digests emotional experiences, stress and residue held in the body. This function is known as psycho-peristalsis. The gurgling sounds heard in the gut can resemble flowing water…’a babbling brook’. By listening to the gut sounds the therapist is offered direct communication with the body and its processes, which also offers additional information to the client.


Benefits of Biodynamic Massage

Biodynamic Massage can be beneficial for those who experience stress and anxiety in their lives.

The massage can support balance and homeostasis in the body.

Helping to re-balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

Relieving muscular tension.

Creating a deeper connection and self-awareness, through touch.

Helping to release dis-ease held in the body.

Supporting relaxation, biodynamic massage can feel nurturing, calming and pleasurable.

Biodynamic massage invites the integration of all aspects of Self…. body, mind and spirit.

Supporting expansion and connection to your innate wisdom and capacity to heal.

The term ‘bio’ refers to life, and ‘dynamic’ movement or force.

So essentially the therapy is an invitation to connect to your ‘life-force’.

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