“Our feet are our bodies connection to the earth”

Andrew Weil

Reflexology Treatment

On your first visit, I will take a full consultation, which will include your past and present health and lifestyle.

Based on your consultation I will create an individual treatment plan for you. Working the reflexes of both feet, I sensitively and skillfully tune into your body, stimulating and supporting self-healing.

The therapy is non-invasive, and you will remain fully clothed, only needing to remove shoes and socks to treat your feet. As the therapy has a cumulative effect an initial course of treatments, up to a week apart is most beneficial.

I offer aftercare advice following a treatment. As your body will respond in a way that is individual to you, I encourage self-care, setting aside time to allow your body to rest and restore balance, is advised.

A treatment, including consultation can last up to 60 minutes.

Reflexology treatment

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology as a theory and practice is a deeply rooted ancient art, which supports the process of self-healing. Helping to remove blockages, supporting the body to detox by removing waste through the lymphatic system. Whilst increasing the flow of energy and blood circulation throughout the whole body.

Reflexology is a gentle, holistic bodywork therapy that traditionally works on the feet, however the hands, face or ears can also be treated, to support homeostasis.

Reflexology is based on the principle that every part of the body is reflected on the feet. By applying pressure to reflex areas and points on the feet the corresponding areas of the body can benefit, by stimulating a response along the energy meridians of the body. The feet are like mirrors, reflecting the organs, structures and systems of the body. Every system is connected to every other system, so working any one area or point impacts on the whole body.

Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology is a gentle, holistic bodywork treatment, suitable for all ages.

The benefits are widely recognised by a number of doctors, nurses and health care professionals, with the therapy being utilised in many healthcare settings, for various conditions to complement and support existing treatments.

These are just some of the benefits of Reflexology:  It promotes relaxation, relieving stress.

Boosts energy levels. Improves circulation. Balances hormones. Reduces pain levels. Strengthens immunity. Activates self-healing.

Promotes well being. Supporting positive human contact and interaction,

Restoring and maintaining the body’s natural equilibrium.


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